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What Lies Ahead For Pharmacists in 2021

Article Review

We found this piece interesting and applicable for our work here at TRG. While we cannot predict the future, it is helpful to see this snapshot of some things to be prepared for this year. We appreciate Pharmacy Times, for sharing your insight on the year ahead. We hope that this year TRG can continue to be a place you can seek support and advise, as you lead your organizations through another uncertain year.

What medication-use challenges are you anticipating this year?

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What Lies Ahead For Pharmacists in 2021– Pharmacy Times

January 26, 2021

Ken Whittemore Jr., RPh, MBA, VP, Professional & Regulatory Affairs, Surescripts

Long gone are the days when pharmacists were sometimes referred to as pill-counters and considered just dispensers of medication. Pharmacists have become recognized as critical front-line workers in the fight against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) while remaining active members of the patient care team.

Their role expanded considerably in 2020 as they administered childhood vaccines, conducted COVID-19 testing, virtually counseled patients and more. This year, pharmacists’ role will continue to evolve because of, or despite, the pandemic. Below are my predictions on what lies ahead for pharmacists in 2021.

  1. Pharmacists’ Duties Will Continue to Grow, As Will Their Stress
  2. Health Care Consumerism Will Gain Traction at the Pharmacy
  3. Specialty Medications Will Drive Digital Innovation
  4. Regulatory Drivers for Health Care Information Technology Adoption Will Grow


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